High school video

As a videographer based in London you soon find a number of niches within video that you fit into.  Our videos niches include promotional films, commercial videos, documentary style videos, fashion & beauty film, event videos and corporate videos.  Over the past twelve months a new video niche has been added to that list.  This is in the form of high school videos.

Creating a High school video

We’ve now filmed several projects with high schools and these typically run over two days.  Day 1 is focused on interviews with staff and students.  Day 2 is all about the b-roll.  This includes capturing video in class, sports, art, pupils arriving and leaving and also drone shots of the premises.  This are great projects to work on and always fun days.  The students always have a great energy when they know the cameras are there and this helps us get lots of natural fun moments.

The kit

Kit wise, we use our trust Canon C300MKIII for the interviews.  We run lots of these on the fields at the school, weather permitting that is.  As a result, you need a camera with a high dynamic range and this is where the Canon shines so well.  When it comes to the b-roll, its a fast paced turn around.  With that in mind you need a camera with fast autofocus that is going ot be accurate.  Enter the Canon r5!  This has super fast AF but just has those lovely skin tones for when you’re working in a mixed light environment.

Both these cameras are both great tools to help us get the best results on the day and make our life easier.  As well as the cameras, we always have our soft LED lights with soft boxes, sound kit and of course our trusty reflector.

The final film

In conclusion, we created a fantastically diverse film with a multitude of different shots.  Most importantly we were Abe to get the personality of the school across.  Another happy school videos created and another happy client!

By Paul Bates, on Aug 2nd, 2021, 0 Comments