Hair Brush Video

We recently took a journey out of London to film a series of videos showcasing new hair brushes. The videos highlight what each different type of brush can do. We needed to create videos that really showcased the brushes in details. As a result, these were filmed using several angles to give some flexibility for the edit. In the end, we filmed around 30 videos in total over a couple of days.


When it comes to filming a series of videos that involve models we really have to think about the lighting. Soft lighting is everything when it comes to making the models look good. With this in mind we used some super soft LED lights. These were the Aputure 300D with a giant soft box and also the F&V Z800s which I’ve found to be one of the softest lights I’ve used. We also used some practical fairy lights for the background on this one. This resulted in a beautiful bokeh look in the background.


The space we filmed in was actually quite small so we really had to use the angles of the room wisely. With twelve years experience of filming, I’ve filmed in all kinds of locations. With this in mind, the small location wasn’t really a problem and we were about to make it work. We dressed the set with some yellow flowers that also worked wit the models yellow shirt.

Working during lockdown

Although we’re currently in lockdown we’re still lucky enough to be able to film video projects in London and up and down the country. We’v been filming consistently throughout the pandemic and are experienced in sticking to current guidance. We always wear face masks, maintain social distancing and also sanitise our hands regularly. If you’re interested in creating some of your own videos then head over to our contact page.

By Paul Bates, on Jan 12th, 2021, 0 Comments