Green Screen Video shoot

Last week I took a trip out of London and up to the East midlands to shoot a green screen video.

Filming a green screen video

When filming green screen videos there are a few key rules to follow. Sometimes you can just walk into a pre-lit green screen studio, light the talent and off you go. This project was slightly different in that we were using a pop up green screen backdrop. Essentially we had to create a studio in a smallish office style room!

First thing to do is to light the actual green screen. This involves getting a clean and even light across the green screen. Using soft lights at even distances from the green screen will result in an evenly lit screen. Next up is lighting the talent. This was a more simple setup with a head and shoulder shot with one single person. Again, we used soft light and just ensured this wasn’t spilling onto the backdrop. We also added in a nice backlight. As a result we ended up with a clean evenly lit and soft lighting setup.

One more thing to mention is to test the key on set. This is exactly what we did. If the key isn’t working easily, then this gives you the opportunity to adjust the lighting until you’ve got it working and keying easily.

The concept

This film was focused on skin care and beauty. With this in mind, in addition to the main interviews, I did a lot of picks ups and close ups of certain aspects of peoples faces to tie in with the theme. As a result I really tried to find each persons unique quality.

The end result

In the past I’ve only shot green screen in studios so this was a nice challenge to make it work. We’ve now keyed the green out and added in some great colourful backgrounds. In conclusion, we ended up with a colourful video that was engaging and vibrant and really showed off people unique beauty!

By Paul Bates, on Mar 12th, 2019, 0 Comments