Green Park charity Swim

Yesterday I ended up over in Green Park in West London creating a charity event video for a business park.

Creating a charity event video

We love filming events and we love working on charity projects. This was a combination of both! Needless to say this was a project we were very excited to work on!

This was a unique charity video in the sense that the event was a charity swim in the lake they have on site at Green Park. Filming a swim isn’t your usual kind of event so we hd to come up with a unique approach for this one that would do the event justice.

Our approach

Lots of rain and wind made for interesting conditions to shoot in. Certainly not what you would expect for August, even for here in the UK. However, despite the weather conditions the day went well and we captured what we needed

The trick up our sleeve for this event was the use of Gorpos. We attached these to two of the swimmers and as a result we captured some unique perspectives. They really did deliver on this front. I was then lake side with a handheld camera to follow the action. Needless to say, I cranked the slow motion on this one. With all the movement in the water it was perfect for slow motion use. As a result the visuals were just breathtaking! Luckily I had a producer to follow me around with an umbrella to keep my camera dry!

The end result

In conclusion, we managed to create some incredible visuals of this event. A funny story was that one of the Gorpros ended up in the lake due to a faulty head strap. Our producer Luke went in the lake himself after the event to try and retrieve the camera and managed to pull it out. Few! A good day was had by all and a fun video was created showcasing the event!


By Paul Bates, on Aug 6th, 2015, 0 Comments