Focal Point Gallery video

We took a drive out of London and over to Southend-on-sea to film a new gallery video for Focal Point Gallery.

The brief for a gallery video

The brief for this one was to highlight Focal Point’s latest exhibition currently on display. The exhibition is displayed through the entire gallery and even on their external screen. We wanted to create something immersive and dynamic that would make people want to visit the exhibition to see it in person. As a result of Covid people may not be able to travel as much. With this in mind we knew this video would potentially serve as peoples only opportunity to view the exhibition.

A test of low light capabilities

This film really put our low light cameras to the test as some of the spaces were mood lit. When we say mood lit, we’re talking about one of two very small coloured LED lights. Luckily we had the Panasonic S1H to hand which is a low light beast. As a result, we were about to capture clean low light imagery that showed the spaces off as the artists intended. In general, the gallery is a fantastic space with several internal spaces. In addition to the exhibition spaces we also had to capture some interviews. We were spoilt for choice when it came to the location for these as the building is full of large spaces. There is also a giant screen outside the gallery where videos can be displayed which made for a nice contrast to the internal low light imagery.

A unique gallery video

Our end result was a unique and engaging film that the gallery could utilise online. The film is complete now and is currently live on the focal Point website and social media accounts. Below you can see some stills from the video.

By Paul Bates, on Dec 1st, 2020, 0 Comments