Filming live music performance video’s

Music performance video’s are something most London based videographers get asked to film at one point or another.  London is after all a creative hub that is full of musicians and music.

How to create an amazing music performance video

We recently filmed a few days in one of Londons top studios.  We were commissioned to film an orchestra perform a series of film scores with a composer who had flown in from the States.  These kind of videos are all about coverage.  As the orchestra were recording multiple takes of each song we were able to quickly reposition each camera in between every take.  This is no easy task and it physically demanding but the result is a variety of different angles.  this is exactly what we are looking for to create a dynamic video.  Having a plethora of angles to choose from will help achieve this visually.

Working with the right team of video experts

Needless to say that working with an experienced team of videographers is essential for this kind of filming.  Someone less experienced might not know and understand the etiquete  hat comes with recording live music in a studio.  You have to be silent and like a ninja.  If for some reason you make a noise then you could spoil the perfect take.  Experience truly shows in this scenario as you have to work quickly to get the right shot.  If you miss it, you might have missed your only chance to capture that moment.

The right cameras for the job

Having the right cameras for this kind of filming is essential.  We recently filmed on a Canon C300MKIII and a Canon C200.  Professional cameras like this are solid and stable and will run all day long.  This isn’t the arena for DSLR cameras really.  We recently used an R5 for a third angle but we knew if the camera battery went flat, that no one would miss the footage.  You need a camera that is reliable, has a long battery life and is accurate where it counts.  What kind of live music performances do you film and do you have any tips you live by too take it a success?


By Paul Bates, on Feb 19th, 2022, 0 Comments