Event video coverage

Earlier in the month we took a trip out of London and up North to conduct filming an event video for the annual conference for Boots.

Filming an event video

We have filmed all kinds of events over the years. From smaller invite only launch events to huge conferences with thousands of visitors. Regardless of the size of the event, the organisers always want a dynamic and eye catching video. The end result needs to be a stunning video to promote it for next year. One thing you certainly always need is good coverage. Another, is a great variety of shots. The final part is a good selection of interviews. This formula will give you a great staring point for cutting a state of the art promotional event video.

This is the second year we’ve covered video for the Boots event. It’s a huge event with lots of big reveals and a lot of video that needs capturing. We were part of a much bigger crew covering the highlights of the event itself. We filmed lots of walking and talking shots as well as live catwalk performances and of course the incredibly important interviews.

For the b-roll we had a mix of gimbal shots and handheld shots. Filming handheld all day long at an event can be tiring. As a result we invested in an easy rig. The easy rig essentially takes all of the weight of the camera and distributes it evenly. Where you’d have aching arms and shoulders when filming handheld, the easy rig offers you a way of filming without these aches and pains. Events are naturally very fast paced so you really have to be on the ball and be ready to capture a quick interview at the drop of a hat. We’re very experienced in working like this and we know this is the way to get the best results.

The end results

In conclusion we managed to capture exactly what was required in an exciting and dynamic way that left us with a variety of rushes. The end film was a mammoth 30 minute film. It’s always a pleasure filming an event video for Boots and we look forward to more of these events in the future!

By Paul Bates, on Mar 29th, 2020, 0 Comments