Echion video production

Life as a videographer can take you all kinds of places.  Our latest video production did exactly that.  We took a trip out of London and over to Cambridge to film this new video project and ended up having the privilege of filming at Cambridge University.

The second video in the series

This video project was the second in the series of films that highlights chemistry based green technologies.  Commissioned by the RSC this was a real pleasure to work on.  The video project combined our passion for filmmaking and videography with our love for looking after and saving our planet.  This particular video focused on Echion Technologies who have made the next generation of battery technology.  This technology offers super fast charging and much longer life.  nothing short of incredible!

The filming

The day of filming was split between Echion’s offices and the University of Cambridge.  We focused on the interview aspect of the film at the offices, as well as filming some lab based video clips.  Here we ran through our usual diverse range of shots.  Gimbal, GoPro and even the drone came out here.  The highlight of the day for me however, was filming at Cambridge University.  We had a lovely evening sunset that provided some beautiful light and lens flares for us.  Visually everything looked stunning.  Afterall we did have the backdrop of one of the most famous and historic universities in the world.  We also managed to capture some video clips down by the famous waterways of Cambridge.

The conclusion of this video production

In conclusion, we captured a fantastic array of video material.  Most importantly the underlying message and story was an incredibly strong one, full of passion for saving the planet.  The video is now live and can be watched over on our portfolio page!




By Paul Bates, on Oct 22nd, 2021, 0 Comments