Creating a how to video

Being a London based videographer, I often get asked to create how to videos.  In this article I will break down my methodology of creating a great how to video.

What is a how to video?

So what is a how to video? It is essentially a film that explains and and breaks down how to carry out a task.  Using a simple step by step method you can easily show your audience how to use your product.  This could be how to setup a camera or in the example we recently filmed, how to use kitchen appliances.

So why do we need these kind of videos?  Where is the first place you look when you need information?  Maybe a search engine but also maybe online video.  If I need to know how to use something to set something up I know the first place I look is for a film online.  It’s such a quick simple way that visually shows how to do something.  I dont think there is a better way than this.  Businesses use this method because it saves them time.  For example, customers can look online at a film instead of getting in touch directly with the business.  This saves a huge amount of time and employee resource.  It could also be seen as a method of support for the customer and a well thought out film could result in positive feedback from the customer.

How to create a great film

Creating a great step by step explainer video isn’t too difficult.  It needs to be clear and simple.  Essentially the vast majority of people who click and watch the video should be able to understand it easily.  If your video is not doing this then its not doing what it should do!  Of course it will help if you work with a good videographer or filmmaker.  Good looking video done professionally will of course result in more plays compared to a poorly filmed and incoherent video.  We’ve been filming how to videos for over ten years now and have a wealth of experience in creating good video content.


By Paul Bates, on Apr 4th, 2022, 0 Comments