Class of 2020 Live Stream Videos

We’ve been filming and editing a large live streaming video project for the Class of 2020!

Creating a live streaming video project

The Class of 2020 is an online celebration for the graduates of 2020. We’ve been travelling over London filming inspiring video stories with graduates of the Class of 2020. The end result will be live streamed on the graduation night. We’ve also been editing pre filmed videos from politicians such as Nicola Sturgeon and Angela Raynor with their messages of support. In addition to this we also created countdowns and other video assets for the video project. However, this was a huge project with a lot of assets to create which had to be labelled immaculately. This was to ensure they would be streamed in the right order. With a live stream there is no room for error so making sure everything worked perfectly was of the upmost importance.

The filming

The filming side of the project took us up and down the country. We opted to use a mix of our Panasonic S1h And Sony FS700 and Odyssey 7Q combination. Between these cameras we were able to capture a variety of shots. The S1H works perfectly on the gimbal and the FS700 is a great camera for the interview part of the filming.

The end result

In conclusion this project was a real pleasure to work on. It was nice to work on something with so many different elements. We spent a lot of time in post production on this one. It was a lot of fun coming up with concepts for the backgrounds for the countdowns and branding it all cohesively. It’s amazing that such an incredible live streamed event video has been put together. It will show support and celebrate the achievements of the Class of 2020 during Covid-19.

By Paul Bates, on Jul 16th, 2020, 0 Comments