Business promo video

Most companies in 2022 either have or want a business promo video.  As a London based videographer, I frequently get asked to produce promotional business films.  This articles gives some of my top tips for creating a great business promo video.


The first thing to get your head around is understanding the brand or business you’re creating a promo film for.  A good brand film needs to reflect the business’s style and ethos.  This can be done through what you film but also a more subtle way through things such as font and branding elements and even the music you add into the film.  However, first and foremost I like to get a concept that truly reflects the brand.  I always like to spend some time with the client, get my head around their business and try to see it from their perspective.  If you can understand their business in the same way they do, you should then have the ability to make the film they require.

The filming

Before you go out and make the video, the concept has to be invincible.  I like to see the film paper before I go out and start the filming.  The filming should be the easiest process as you know exactly what you’re capturing.  I always make sure everything is planned.  All the I’s are dotted and all the T’s are crossed.  I can then feel confident on what I’m capturing.  Sometimes I even put a mood film together to visually get an idea of what the end result will look like.

Making sure the client is happy with their business promo video

With all the planning and preparation you’ve made in collaboration with the client, the client should end up with a film they love.  We’ve made countless business promo films now and know our planning and preparation always pays off.  We combine this with our lighting, camera and video editing skills to create something truly special!


By Paul Bates, on Apr 25th, 2022, 0 Comments