Branded video content

Having a career as a videographer in London often means working on lots of branded video content.  Branded video content makes up a large proportion of our video work.   We recently worked on a branded video in London for a handbag manufacturer.  This was in collaboration with musician Sophie Ellis-Bexter.

A Christmas themed branded video

This video project was a huge setup and I was asked to come onboard to DOP the project.  The DOP essentially makes decisions on how the project is lit and how the cameras are setup and move.

The lighting

We had Christmas themed set being built by a set designer.  With this in mind I wanted to bring out some more festive colours with the lighting. We lit Sophie with some lovely large soft light sources in the form of an Arri Sky Panel and DOP choice snap grid.  We added a small amount of fill to leave some shape to the lighting.  A hair light was also fixed on a wooden beam above, which was very awkward to setup may I add.

Then came the fun part.  Lots of practical fairy lights were used all around the set and I also used some Astera Titan tubes.  I set these to a few different colours.  As a result we created a more festive feel.

The cameras

To tackle this project I used a four camera setup.  This was going to be one 20 minute long continuous take so we had to ensure coverage.  Using three Canon C300MKIII’s and a Canon R5 on a gimbal we managed to cover all kinds of different angles.  Possibly the most challenging part of the filming was ensuring I didn’t come into any of the other angles whilst I was operating the gimbal.  As a result I set some markers so knew how far I could come whilst filming.

Below are a few stills from the video project!


By Paul Bates, on Jan 2nd, 2022, 0 Comments