Boyarde Art House Video

I’ve just started a new video promotion for a luxury London based company called Boyarde who create amazing art work on handbags.

Using art to capture art!

Boyarde’s work is truly spectacular and unique. Setup by Boyarde Messenger the brand customises handbags with incredible art work! Now a renowned brand world wide the company get request from all over the world.

The brief for the video promotion

The client asked us to create something that would showcase exactly what they do during the process of painting the handbags. Its a very long process and a real art and this is exactly what we wanted to show. With this in mind we had to organise to film the entire process fr4om deign to painting to packaging the finished product.

Each custom design takes 36 to 100 hours. First, we started with the design process. Showcasing Boyarde designing in her studio. A mix of hand drawn and digital drawings were captured. Next up was the painting process. A whole team of painters operate at Boyarde and we captured these in detail. Using a mix of macro video and wider shots we ended up with a lovely mix. We had a lovely sunny day for the shoot and and managed to capture some light flares during this process.

Finally we setup some polished hero shots in a studio showing off some of their finished products. We had to black the entire studio out. I then positioned the product on a spinning plinth. lighting wise, we channeled the light to only hit the product. As a result the rest of the room was blacked out. Essentially we ended up with a polished product shot in a dark studio space.

The end result

In conclusion, we had a very successful days filming capturing all the elements of the film. It’s been a real pleasure working on such an interesting film. The video is now in post production with a release date looking likely to happen in the next couple of weeks.

By Paul Bates, on Nov 6th, 2018, 0 Comments